Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus Announces Brainfeeder Film Division & His Directorial Debut

Obviously not completely satisfied with simply being one of the world’s most renowned and impressive music producers and owner of his own record label, Flying Lotus has announced his move into film production, with his first debuting at LA’s Sundance NEXT FEST on August 14. Royal, which Flylo has directed under his new film moniker steve (that’s right, all lower case), is a story of humanity and love, post-apocalypse. It’s also set to include some new music by him, and as this tweet by Niki Randa would suggest, some past collaborators.

The news comes with the exciting announcement that FlyLo’s imprint label Brainfeeder has now opened its own film division, under which the film, and presumably more to come, will be released.

He went on to reveal that David Firth, who anyone over the age of about 25 might remember for the weird and wonderful Salad Fingers, one of the first viral animations to ever hit the internet pre-social media, has been teaching him animation, and that he was Brainfeeder’s film division’s first signee. He also announced that new music would be featured in the film.

While FlyLo does have a history in film – having studied at the Los Angeles Film School before pursuing his music career, soundtracking a previous Sundance premiere, FUCKKKYOUUU, and to a lesser extent the role of projection in his live shows – this decision to direct comes from a very unlikely source of inspiration. Posting to Twitter, FlyLo’s cited a gif of himself and Thom Yorke, DJing and having a small but heated exchange over leaving a party, as the reason he wanted to start making movies again.

Oh, and he left one more surprise:

Who’ll be next to sign? What can we expect? The possibilities are endless, and so exciting.

Image: Redbrick