EMC Announces Amsterdam Night Mayor as First Keynote Speaker

Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference has this week unveiled its first keynote speaker for the 2016 event, and it’s looking to start a conversation which concerns every fan of live music, and general nightlife, Australia-wide. Sydney’s own TEDfest style conference, now in their fifth year, announced that the Night Mayor of Amsterdam, Mirik Milan, will be making an appearance down under.

Milan has been the night mayor since 2012, and is largely responsible for Amsterdam’s amazing relationship between punters and nightlife business owners, creating a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves in, and ensuring the livelihood of the city’s world-renown and profitable nighttime economy. Sounds a little different to our own, right?

With the lockout laws having devastated Sydney’s nightlife and live music scene to a near irreparable degree, and Brisbane now on the brink of similar times – with a reported 20% drop in revenue on the lockout’s first weekend – Milan’s experience and words are vital in the construction of better alternatives to perceived nighttime violence and noise complaints. Programmer Erin Flanagan explained the importance of Milan as an EMC speaker perfectly, saying, “We believe Milan’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in our own city’s pursuit of a vibrant and safe nightlife. Amsterdam has shown us and the rest of the world that it is possible to achieve this.” Although he’s speaking at the EMC specifically, this is an issue and a conversation that needs to involve everyone with any kind of interest or care for the fate of Australia’s music scene as a whole.

With EMC 2016’s press-cherry now popped, a number of different ticket options are now also available. Ranging from $100 – $600 (with a 10% earlybird discount), there’s something for everyone. Whether you just want to go for one of the two days and check out the conference, have access to none or all of the masterclasses, or even attend the gala dinner and the multi-club showcases and parties taking place each night, there’s so much in store. It all kicks off from November 28 – December 2 at The Ivy Complex, but don’t sleep on it or you’ll miss out. Check out full ticket details here and stay tuned till the full EMCPlay lineup emerges on September 14th.

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While you’re at it, check this short documentary explaining just what Milak Milan does as Night Mayor, and how well he does his job.

Image: Supplied