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Dinosaur Jr. Have Released Every Guitar Solo From Their New Album

If you’re looking for a creative way to build hype, look no further than grunge veterans Dinosaur Jr. The band are presently gearing up to release their 11th studio album Give Us A Glimpse Of What Yer Not next month, and to build anticipation they have just released a compilation of every guitar solo featured on the album.

You can check out the track, titled Solo Extractions, right now on Spotify. It’s a glorious seven minute mix of pure guitar wizardry and intricacy courtesy of frontman and the mastermind behind Dinsoaur Jr., J. Mascis. 

Interestingly, Solo Extractions sonically resembles glam-rock than anything. The solos almost nostalgic throwbacks to the mid-80s with Mascis’ carefully crafted guitar parts positively crooning over the beefy riffage that anchor it. Have a listen below:

It marks some relief in what has been a gruelling wait for the new album for Dinosaur Jr. fans, with only a lone single being released so far in the form of Tiny last month. Thankfully, that song showed us that the band have lost none of their creative edge, with some bright riffs accompanied by an upbeat rhythm section and a music video featuring J. Mascis’ very own skateboarding bulldog carving the streets alongside him and keeping us very much entertained.

Give Us A Glimpse Of What Yer Not is the first album from the group since 2012’s I Bet On Sky and will be released on August 5th on Jagjaguwar, all solos will be included.

Image: Rolling Stone