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David Brent to Release Surely Cringeworthy Debut Album

For many of us, The Office (in its British and therefore far superior form) was so good because its sheer accuracy was nothing short of mindblowing. Ricky Gervais’ reptilian middle-managerial buffoon David Brent in particular brought to mind swathes of actual real-life managers out there and now, with a motion picture on the way, Gervais as Brent is set to release his accompanying debut album.

Life On The Road is the title of both the album and the film, the latter documenting Brent’s new life as a travelling salesman 12 years from where The Office left off as he chases his dream of becoming a huge rock star on a self-funded tour with his long-time band Foregone Conclusion.

The first single has already been released, Lady Gypsy narrating the rollicking folk rock story of Brent’s lost virginity to a travelling gypsy woman. The film clip will make you laugh but probably also cringe so hard your neck might disappear permanently. David Brent in a muscle top staring seductively into the camera might permanently sear itself into your retinas too.

With a track list boasting other titles like Lonely Cowboy, Thank Fuck It’s Friday and Don’t Cry It’s Christmas, it looks all but assured that David Brent will be in most tragic form across the entire record.

David Brent & Foregone Conclusion also have a few huge shows at London’s institutional Hammersmith Apollo on the 7th and 8th of August just a couple of weeks shy of Life On The Road’s official theatrical release.

If you’re a fan of The Office, Life On The Road should be essential viewing and listening. You can pre-order it here

Life On The Road is out August 19th via Caroline Australia.

Image: Youtube