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Listen to Wes Linden’s new single “Golden Gates”

One of my absolute favourite things to do here at Howl & Echoes is to share exciting new music from upcoming acts, both local and international. Off the back of our regular Breakthrough playlists, we not only get to discover many new, upcoming artists, but we get to watch them grow as they work on more new music. One such artist is a 21-year-old Ohio native named Wes Linden, who has today released a new single titled Golden Gates, featuring production from Kev Cairo.

Linden is currently travelling the world, picking up new influence and inspiration, as well as many new sounds and stories along the way

The production is really melodic and interesting, a great backdrop complementing the high-energy verses. Linden has a natural knack; his bars are pieced together by creative rhymes and a rhythmic flow, one that I look forward to seeing develop and refine as he progresses as an artist.

His debut project is titled Sun Valley, named after the Vale do Sol neighbourhood in Brazil. The project is an introduction of sorts, a series of stories weaved together about his early life and his experiences while travelling.

Check the artwork below and head to Wes Linden’s Soundcloud for more.

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