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Watch A Beautiful Cello Cover of Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch”

Last month Radiohead released their first single in 5 years called Burn the Witch. It was a wonderful surprise after we had watched with bated breath as Radiohead deleted themselves from the Internet then began posting a series of weird videos that had us pulling our hair out with anticipation. Now that we’ve been calmed by the soothing, soulful vibes of their new album A Moon-Shaped Pool, something else has come up.

“Cello Rock” quartet Break of Reality have recreated Radiohead’s single Burn the Witch using just their three cellos accompanied by a cajón, a type of percussion instrument. The cover draws you in immediately and gradually builds up and becomes even more erratic that the original. The performance is almost unsettling as it feels like something dark and mysterious is constantly moving closer but never arriving. It’s both mesmerising and beautiful with the instruments alone, particularly with the rich, haunting cello replacing Thom Yorke’s melody. That said, I can’t even imagine how incredible this would sound with additional vocals too.

If you like what you hear you should check out Break of Reality’s YouTube channel. They’ve done some other awesome rock covers of System of a Down, Weezer and a flawless performance of the Game of Thrones theme song.

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Image: Facebook / Break of Reality