Watch Bibi Bourelly’s Powerful “Riot” Video

Bibi Bourelly has released a new video for Riot, now taken in with a powerful sense of significance, following the Orlando shooting two nights ago.

In a world where we could see Donald Trump as the new US President, millions of refugees are left without a safe home and the growing scenes of violence across the globe, we need something to fill our hearts with the courage to survive.

This video gives us this courage in a simple, yet the most beautiful way possible.

The powerful nature of the black and white video is illustrated by the passionate protests used and lyrics of the stripped back acoustic track, only grows with the addition of the voiceovers. “If we don’t have fundamental changes in our system, we will continue to suffer as people and the planet,” a woman said over the angry screaming of protestors as images of love and pride as shown as the video closes, implying what the answer to the problem should be.

In the wake of the shooting, Bourelly has also penned a letter for the victims of the shooting:

“Sometimes when I’m on a plane, flying from country to country, city to city, chasing this peculiar dream of mine… I look down at the world beneath me and realize what we really are in the grand scheme of things. If you pay close attention, when the plane is just taking off you can faintly see people in action, living their own lives. It’s ironic and charming in a weird way because they’re not even aware that someone else is admiring them with fascination from a different angle of the world, as they walk this distinctive earth of ours.

Thousands of tiny, moving heads eventually blend in with the landscape as the aircraft rises higher. The large swaying trees that appear to be so mighty from the ground, shrink into what appears to be green fragments of leaves… and by the time we reach the clouds, everything that we thought to be its own individual thing, every detail of anything that we ever considered to exist on its own, melts into the the scenery and we become one.

We are all one from the clouds
We are not our genders
We are not our religions
We are not our races
We are not our opinions
We are not our doubts, insecurities or fears…

We are not one voice, we are a roaring crowd.

We are the land and sky; We are an ambiguous mixture of every color that exists under the sun.

We are all in this together and we are responsible for each other.

Everything you do or say matters to us, whether you realize it or not.

Love infinitely. At all costs no matter what.

praying 4 Orlando
(and the rest of the entire world.)
Fighting 4 our future.

New society 4 the unity of all.
Yours truly,

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Image: Noisey