WATCH: Aesop Rock Drops Impossibly Cute New Video

Aesop Rock has continued to bring his latest album The Impossible Kid to life, today releasing a new video for the song Kirby. As Aes spoke about in a breakdown of each song on the album, the song Kirby is “about my cat, Kirby.” It’s a pretty great song, and this is a pretty great video.

The video features Aesop in puppet form, hanging out with a real cat whose real name is Dina. Kirby doesn’t star in it because “because Kirby wanted way too much money to appear in her own video.” Dina is a rescue cat, by the way, who has found a full time home since this video’s release (head here for more info). Puppet Aes hands out with Kirby, playing, patting, snapping photos, allows her to chew on his puppet feet and arms. The final result is unimaginably cute, especially considering the relative intensity of his recent videos for Rings, Blood Sandwich and Dorks.

The track itself details Aesop’s experiences with therapy and prescription medication. After 15 years, his therapist says to him, “I dunno, maybe get a kitten?” And thus, Kirby was brought into his life, in all his silly, innocent, feline glory.

The Impossible Kid has perhaps been Aesop’s most ambitious project to date, releasing a movie to accompany the entire album. It’s also been his most well-received, having recently announced that the album saw his highest first week sales ever. Howl & Echoes likes it so much that more than one of the tracks have made it into our top songs of 2016 so far – you can check that playlist out here.

In addition to dropping new records, videos and an extensive US tour, the rapper also managed to squeeze a debut network TV appearance into his schedule, teaming up with Yo La Tengo and dropping some absolute fire on Stephen Colbert last week.

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Image: Pinterest