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Watch Vic Mensa’s Powerful Freestyle Over “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

Just before dropping his extremely emotional and revealing mixtape There’s Alot Going On, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa dropped in to Hot 97 to chat about the forthcoming EP, his upcoming plans and of course bless us with a new Mensa freestyle.

Saying in the interview that he’s looking to make timeless music, Ebro held nothing back in the beat selection, giving him the recently released Drug Dealers Anonymous by Pusha T, featuring Jay Z.Vic didn’t hold back on this either, delivering some serious heat. A ruthless pre-written verse which flexed his lyrical muscles which flexed his play on words and incredible punch lines over some politically charged bars.

But black on black crime is only one side of the story/ You got them bodies hanging on the trees in our recent past/You forget that this is the type of shit they teach in class

He even took a little break in between, letting the beat just ride while he figured out the next onslaught of lyricism to deliver. Returning again with more conscious raps, he really managed to leave a lasting impressing, closing the freestyle with a shoutout to his old crew, and of course his new one,

I’m Game 7 Steph, EP nothing but net/ You want a physical? Martin Shkreli, write a check/ I’m going Wu-Tang forever, my crew bang forever/ Save Money with that Roc-A-Fella, my new gang forever.

From his humble beginnings in Chicago, to now being seen as one of the most influential newcomers in the game, his story is truly motivational. If There’s Alot Going On was just a taste of what’s soon to come, he’s got our full attention. Watch the full freestyle below.

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Image: Hypetrak