Tkay Maidza Nominated for International BET Award

Tkay Maidza, she of relentless bubbly energy and endless #bangers, has been nominated for the Viewer’s Choice “Best New International Act” at the illustrious BET Awards.

Maidza’s name is absolutely a household one in Australia at this point, but she’s been making waves globally for a little while now. She’s worked with huge names like Mark Ronson, Charli XCX and Rita Ora, played headline shows in Europe & Les Printemps des Bourges Festival in Paris, and has been added to the #NewNames list by Radio 1’s Annie Mac. Her recent collaboration with Martin Solveig Do It Right has only awarded her more buzz. This nomination marks another tick on Tkay’s “To-Do” list on her way to world domination.

Being nominated for a BET Award holds particular significance to Maidza. “Being nominated for an event that I’ve watched and heard about since I was 12 is pretty surreal,” she told Pedestrian.TV. “No idea how it happened but I’m super grateful.”

The BET Awards have been around since 2001, serving the specific and very important purpose of celebrating and rewarding black talent, achievement, culture & art. The Awards have had an immeasurably huge role in shaping the modern zeitgeist (Beyoncé performed solo for the first time ever on the BET stage), but they’re just as crucial on a socio-political scale. Who could forget #OscarsSoWhite? The unfortunate truth remains that racism and discrimination are far from over, and it’s not only unfair but unhealthy for anyone to not see representation from people who are succeeding & being praised and depicted in a positive light. There certainly isn’t any lack of talent – and the BET’s mission is to provide a platform for rewarding that.

If, like us, you couldn’t be prouder of Tkay Maidza, you can vote for her by tweeting the BET Awards (@BETAwards) with the hashtag #IPickTkay.

Image: Lady Drewniak/Howl &Echoes

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