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The Avalanches Drop Bugged Out “Frankie Sinatra” Video

Happy Avalanches day, everyone! After sixteen long years, the wait is finally over.

After premiering their new track Frankie Sinatra featuring Danny Brown and MF DOOM, and giving Zane Lowe an in-depth exclusive interview about their upcoming album, they have now released the video for Frankie Sinatra, from their forthcoming sophomore album Wildflower, due out on July 8, 2016.

It’s very weird. Like, very weird. A psychedelic trip from hell, watch as a seemingly innocent fluorescent green substance, sold at Frankie’s Ice Cream. Men, women and children suddenly begin to trip the fuck out. All hell breaks loose.

It gets more and more violent as it continues, with hallucinations getting more extreme – not just for the characters, but we begin to see what they see. The characters make more sense now, with both Brown and DOOM essentially describing how many substances they’ve consumed and exactly what’s happening to them now.

The Sound of Music breakdown becomes particularly feathery and sexual, before we’re drawn back into the hallucinatory nightmare of a carnival gone wrong.

A shot pans out, revealing that everyone is passed out. The song again changes as law enforcement arrive to assess the situation, before ending on a shot of an old man peacefully strumming a guitar.

Wow. I have no idea what just happened. but I can only hope that The Avalanches are going by way of Beyonce and Nick Cave in releasing visuals for their whole album, because I want more of that.

Click here for more details on the album including track listing, collaborators and exactly what they were getting up to for the past 16 years.

Image: Youtube