LISTEN: Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Bag of New Music from “Cool Aid”

We are in the final few days of waiting for Snoop Dogg’s new album Cool Aid. Snoop has built anticipation around this album by promising that old-school sound from the G-funk era, but can he really deliver?

Last week, Snoop dropped the first track from the album, Kush Ups with Wiz Khalifa, accompanied by some sweet visuals. Kush Ups silenced the haters that thought Snoop has lost it. The weed workout track will have the most resilient of you wanting to blaze one up.

The hype didn’t stop with just the one track, over the weekend Snoop let Dr. Dre debut six more records from Cool Aid on his Pharmacy Radio Show, two of which have made their way onto the internet, the first being the Just Blazeproduced Super Crip. The start of the track has Snoop introducing the Pharmacy segment “Brand new Snoop Dogg, hand delivered to Dr. Dre,” before Just Blaze does his little intro and bang.

Snoop brings west coast sound and, if the name didn’t give it away, that Crip walk music. Recycling a few old lines (“creeping through the fog,” “It’s 187,” “Gat in the right side, left side flag,” etc.). The track is for the real Snoop fans, the ones who want to be reminded of old tracks that versions of those lyrics first appeared.

Just Blaze told Billboard some time ago that he was trying to create “an updated version of that old Death Row sound.”

The second song that has surfaced is the Jeremih-featuring Point Seen Money Gone. It’s not as hard hitting as the other tracks and at times a might be a little too poppy and auto-tuned. I was never a massive fan of the auto-tune, granted it can make a track incredibly catchy, and I prefer my Snoop Dogg tracks to have none.

Also uploaded on Snoop’s Soundcloud is the gangster rap tune Coolaid Man. The track is classic Snoop at its best. He also upload the yell track Legend.

These five songs have definitely gotten me amped for Cool Aid and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. Check out the track list here.

Image: Instagram/ Snoop Dogg