Shlohmo Re-Releases Rare EP “Fine, Thanks”

Five years ago, hugely talented producer Shlohmo released a nine-track EP comprised of B-side cuts that didn’t make the final edition of his career-breaking debut album Bad Vibes. Titled Fine, Thanks, the EP became highly sought after by diehard fans once the producer was firmly established as one of the best in the modern game, but it steadily became harder and harder for these fans to find a copy of. Luckily for fans of the Californian producer, he felt in a giving enough mood to go ahead and re-release Fine, Thanks for everybody to be able revise, reminisce and enjoy once again.

It is a record that is absolutely flush with Shlohmo’s idiosyncratic moody, lo-fi production throughout. Listening to it, there is no palpable vibe or sense at all that this is an EP already five years old, so well does Shlohmo’s stellar production hold up to the test of time in a genre consistently being propelled forward into new territories and possibilities by technological advancements.

Fine, Thanks overall provides a welcome look back to Shlohmo’s humble beginnings as a solo artist and is a must-listen for his fans both day-ones and new. You can get Fine, Thanks  into your ears below via Spotify.

Image via Signal Kitchen

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