Rumour Spreads that Gucci Mane is Actually a Government Clone

Having just wrapped up another of his jail sentences for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has busted back onto the scene hard and is making up for some serious lost time. The release of First Day Out Tha Feds, literally the day he got out, was featured on Champions – a cut from Kanye’s Cruel Winter compilation, and he wasted no time in announcing his Gucci Mane & Friends concert tour in September.

One might be inclined to think his return is almost too good to be true. Isn’t this all just a little too convenient? The perfect little happy ending to a tale packed full of illegal firearms? Some people online (trust) are feeling exactly the same way, and have come to the logical conclusion that all of us sheeple are simply too blind to see:

Gucci Mane is still in prison, and the man parading around as him is actually, a clone.

Though you might dismiss it as just another crazy conspiracy theory at first, there’s at least a little physical evidence to support the claims. The Gucci out of jail looks very different to the Gucci that went in two years ago. He’s slimmed down a tonne, gained plenty of muscle mass, and his signature ice cream cone face-tattoo has almost completely disappeared. Twitter has, understandably, been going nuts over the claims, with people compiling comparisons to illustrate their point properly. Check ‘em below:

“Gucci Mane” himself (whoever that may be) has even addressed the rumours, taking to Snapchat on Tuesday to “neither support or deny the accusations” – obviously loving it.

In the end, there are two ways that this situation can play out. Either this Gucci Mane is the real Gucci Mane and he continues on with what he’s doing and we all get on with our lives, or this is actually a clone, the real Gucci Mane manages to break out of wherever he’s being held prisoner and we see the craziest freestyle battle the world has ever known. I think it goes without saying which of these is the far better option.

Image: Jack Colquhoun for Howl & Echoes