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PLAYLIST: The Best Songs of the Week

Another week, another mountain of amazing new music. While we try to cover as much as possible throughout the week, there’s always a few tracks that slip through the cracks – and that’s where your weekly Friday playlists come in. Here are the top ten tracks we may have missed earlier on this week for you to enjoy. You can check out all the other new music we’ve been loving over at our singles and playlists pages.

  • Lanks, Bitter Leaf
    Melbourne artist Lanks has returned with a sensual new slice of slinky electronica. Dabbling in a more playful rhythm across all layers, the soulful sound, and really nicely arranged lyrics, draw influence from R&B and electro-soul. Also, I love the multi-layered vocal phrases that give off an acapella feel. This might be my favourite Lanks track to date.
  • Strict Face, Murderer (ft. K-Major)
    This is a really cool new track out of Nina Las Vegas’ label NLV. The track has a really smooth feel to it overall, in spite of the heavy, glitchy beat. K-Major’s vocals are a perfect addition, adding a strange kind of delicacy to the melodic synths and understated rhythm. For a track called Murderer, it sure is dreamy.
  • Mild High Club, Homage
    It goes without saying that pretty much anything to come from Stones Throw is alright in my book. With its laid back melodies and off-kilter keys, this feels like a really twisted take on a classic mid-60s pop tune. It feels like it’s being played at the wrong frequency on a record player, kind of melting the corners and warping the synths.
  • Stwo, Out At Night (ft. A Chal)
    Stwo has been on my radar for a long time now, and it’s always great to hear new sounds. This track similarly mixes sensual, hip-hop and R&B-tinged male vocals with really excellent, understated production. The rhythm and percussion work in particular stand out to me on this one, a great contrast to the spritely instrumental layers.
  • GL, Hallucinate
    The Melbourne synth-pop duo have returned this week with new track Hallucinate. I’m usually no fan of disco, but GL have always impressed me. The vocals have a real Little Dragon vibe to it, and that baby-makin’ bass is all kinds of right. I love that this track can have a retro feel to it, without the overly intentional nostalgia befallen to many of their contemporaries.
  • Emma Louise, West End Kids
    Man, do I love Emma Louise. Every single track she’s released of late has made me want to cry and sing at the same time. I believe this song is about the west end in Brisbane, and while I can’t specifically relate to this, the atmosphere is universal and immediate. It rings of sentiment and nostalgia, of reminiscing on days past, for better or for worse. I’m aware that this is a strange comparison, but the verses and atmosphere really reminded me of the melody on Seekae’s Another. 
  • Sannhet, Short Life
    This week’s Adult Swim Single comes from Sannhet, who admittedly I somehow wasn’t aware of up til now, but man am I grateful for the discovery. Experimental, instrumental metal is certainly not for everyone, but it’s been a long time affair for myself. Like Deafheaven or Pelican, or even Red Sparowes to a lesser extent, the sweeping phrases and wide, provocative chords, coupled with frantic drums and ear-splitting toplines, bring you along for one wild, wild ride. This might be my favourite Adult Swim single of the season so far, and I’ve just discovered my new favourite post-metal band.
  • Josué, Jupiter
    Moving on from there comes a gorgeous soul/R&B offering from Australian artist Josué. Taking cues from Thundercat as much as D’Angelo, this is a spacey, sensual piece, with honeyed melodies, an understated beat, late-night vibes and a lush atmosphere overall. if you happen to be reading this in Melbourne, catch the man in action at the Evelyn Hotel this Sunday 26th.

Image: Sannhet/Adult Swim