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PLAYLIST: The Best Songs of the Week

Every week, we do our very best to provide you with the sweetest sounds from across the musical globe. From hip-hop, to R&B, to electronic and beyond, there’s so much incredible new music coming out every day. Head to our singles and playlists pages to check out everything else, but for now, here’s a playlist of the best new music that you might have missed from the past week. There’s only one hip-hop track here, as this week’s been all about the luscious pop melodies and smooth electro-soul.

  • Golden VesselWave (ft. OKBADLANDS)
    The final single from Golden Vessel ahead of his EP release, this is a beautiful, intimate piece, anchored by lingering, hollowed percussion and gorgeous vocals courtesy of Brisbane duo OKBADLANDS. An emotional track that kind of reminds me of Rhye, or perhaps Emma Louise, save this one for the feels of a grey Sunday morning.
  • Brandyn BurnetteState I’m In
    One of my favourite new discoveries, Brandyn’s new single State I’m In is a really lovely, guitar-laden bluesy piece, packed with soul, emotion and a really catchy melody the whole way through. Brighter than some of his recent tracks, I have no doubt that he’s poised for a radio takeover any day.
  • A Z E K E LLinger
    I’ve been a long time fan of AZEKEL and I’m stoked that a new piece is now upon us. Continuing on from the previous two tracks, this future-soul number is slinky and sensual, featuring his amazing, husky vocals, pitted against a deep bass and flickery percussion. One for the bedroom playlist for sure.
  • TEN FÉMake Me Better (UNKLE Reconstruction)
    UNKLE has long been one of my favourite artists ever, and he’s put his spin on this heartbreaking, folky track in a way that evokes all kinds of emotions. The rich, echoed vocals are embellished by ambient instrumental layers, before a synth-pop beat kicks in, elevating the entire atmosphere in an incredible way.
  • True VibenationThe World Is Ours
    True Vibenation are heading off to Glastonbury soon, but before they go, they have unleashed The World Is Ours, a really intricate, interesting, and seriously cool new single, a big leap away from their more hip-hop inclined roots. Packed with funky synths and a really great rhythm, it’s impossible not to wanna have a boogie to this one.
  • MaroneMission Impossible
    Upcoming Melbourne rapper Marone has released another slice of conscious hip-hop pie, once again demonstrating incredible lyricism and clever rhymes. Absolutely one to watch in the local hip-hop scene, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s studied the craft, and it shows. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from this one.
  • ClarkMirage Trooper
    This week’s Adult Swim single comes from legendary producer Clark, and it might just be my favourite one yet. This is a heady, beat-laden experimental production, with incredible, mesmerising sounds and effects emanating from every single layer across this intense, choppy, dense piece. At seven minutes long, there’s a lot to absorb, and a lot to love.
  • Hayden JamesJust A Lover
    New Hayden James is always a great thing! One of my favourite Australian producers, and live performers, this is a swift, dark and dirty house track with a seductive late night vibe. The thumping bass and percussive groove complements the vocals so perfectly – I have no doubt we’ll be hearing this one all over the place really, really soon.
  • ThomstonFloat
    Upcoming New Zealand singer Thomston has today released Float, an intimate track, both lyrically and musically. The melody in particular is really lovely, backed by a bold, yet restrained rhythm. Balancing the fine line between lush pop and electro-soul, this is heartfelt, and really beautiful.
  • KlloWalls To Build
    Finally this week, we have a brand new single from Melbourne duo Kllo. This is a dainty, delicate new single ahead of their upcoming EP, Well Worn, due out August 5. Topped by understated vocals, a lightly bouncing rhythm and new layers building and growing throughout, the atmosphere continues to expand and change as it progresses.

Image: Hayden James / Supplied