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PLAYLIST: Best Songs of the Week

It has been another incredible good week for new music. As always, we try to share as much as we can throughout the week, but here’s a playlist of everything we may have missed, but it’s too good to leave behind. Enjoy!

  • Azad Right – Enough Of You (Prod. Sango, Atu & Dpat)
    Azad may not be a familiar name, but as VPrecord label Mind of a Genius (ZHU, Gallant etc) you may well be aware of his influence. This is the first track which features his own vocals, and it’s immediately clear that his talents stretch far beyond label prowess. Understated and smooth, with a low, seductive tone and emotive instrumental layers, this is a sentimental, sensual track, reflecting on a recently ended relationship in an intimate way – the kind of conversation you have with yourself once you’re starting to see straight and think clearly.
  • Montaigne – Because I Love You
    Okay, so this track came out at the end of last week, but I couldn’t let it slip by without writing about it. Time and time again Montaigne proves herself to be one of the best Sydney artists around. This one’s a lot more synth-pop-y than her previous tracks, showcasing a brighter, and I suppose, more straightforward sound to what we’ve heard before. Admittedly it isn’t my favourite of hers (I’m such a sucker for the big, sweeping dramatic numbers), but it’s all relative – this track still rocks in many ways.
  • NYNE – Bad Trip (Prod. CHIEF)
    This is a really cool electro-pop track from Melbourne’s NYNE, noted for her OVO connection – the resident producer of which, Sevn Thomas, worked on her previous single Can’t Sleep Alone. The lyrics of Bad Trip essentially say it all – this is a pretty damn relatable song about making bad decisions late at night, at a time when you really shouldn’t be texting back. The rhythm and atmosphere can totally put you into that mindset; it’s great hearing more stuff like this coming out of Australia.
  • Hanni El Khatib – Miracle
    I have all the time in the world for Hanni El Khatib, and I truly adore everything he releases. Earlier this year came three new tracks in the form of a three-track EP Savage Times Volume 1, and now a fourth, Miracle, is upon us. Drunkenly emotive and melodically gorgeous, not many people can make bluesy tunes this raw and this enjoyable in 2016.  Although originally intended for a full band, he absolutely made the right decision keeping it stripped back with just voice and a guitar. I’m hoping there’s a Savage Times Volume 2 on its way!
  • Torii Wolf – 1st ft. Dilated Peoples (Remix) (Prod. DJ Premier)
    Smooth, so so smooth. I’ve been listening to a LOT of Dilated Peoples lately, so this is a really exciting new addition to the DJ Premier-produced collaboration. The verses are engaging and excellent, all the while backed by gentle piano and a driving beat. Upcoming Mass Appeal artist Torii Wolf’s voice is really special, with a really unique, wavering, breathy tone that seriously works so well with the verses and Premier’s production. I’m really excited to hear more.
  • DΔWN, Serpentine Fire
    Serpentine Fire is the third offering in Adult Swim’s weekly singles releases for 2016. Each has been remarkably different, and this week’s, from Dawn Richards, is a floaty electro-house track with heavenly vocals and a pumping beat coming together for a bouncy, dance-floor ready rhythm. Although only two minutes long, it’s hard not to start bopping along. I’ve avidly followed the Adult Swim Singles Series for a long time now – check back next week for week four!
  • River Tiber, Heart of Stone
    This is an incredible new single from one of my favourite new discoveries. I love how Tiba has taken a well-done sound (ie, rich electro-R&B) and injected it with something totally fresh and totally seductive. The way that his vocal melody plays with dramatically lengthened phrases and stark instrumental layers kind of reminds me of James Blake here. After about two-and-a-half minutes the track drops, adding a really nice synth rhythm, intricate percussion and a deeply satisfying bass line. This is certainly my favourite track on this week’s playlist, and I’m really, really looking forward to his upcoming album Indigo, due out on June 24. (not on the playlist below – listen here
  • Tourist Dollars, Ageless
    Anyone who knows me knows that tracks like is aren’t my usual fare, but last night while I was lying in bed, trawling through my alarmingly full inbox, I found this song and it made me smile. Ageless offers a floaty warmth with backing harmonies that kind of sounds like a woozy, slow-mo barbershop quartet. It’s tropical sure – just look at the Hawaiian shirt artwork and the ocean sounds in the outro, but it lacks the corniness that typically makes me cringe. The Melbourne trio’s debut EP is out this week – take a load off, and enjoy.
  • BLYDVS, Pressure (ft. Jace XL)
    I came across this gem on Soundcloud yesterday and have listened to it about 12 times since. This is the only song on BLYDVS (Billy Davis)’ page, and it’s gorgeous. Featuring guest vocals from Hiatus Kaiyote backing singer Jace XL, this soulful song is just gorgeous. Musically, it is sensual and intricate, evoking an intimate late-night atmosphere, complete with a soft trumpet and a melody and verse made of pure velvet. My one and only criticism is that there aren’t more songs to follow this up.
  • Braille Face, Backwards/Medicated
    The second track from Melbourne’s Braille Face is luscious and confronting. From the song’s grounding of rumbling percussion, keys and incoming strings, comes a bulging, shuffling rhythm and a tender melody singing a stark story. “I’ve been here before, backwards and medicated,” it begins. Listen carefully and you’ll find something very real throughout this song, something intimate, and confessional. With this melody ringing out atop an instrumental that retains delicacy as it grows more frantic, it hits remarkably hard. Braille Face’s debut album is out later this year and if this is anything to go by, then I’m really looking forward to it.

Image: Hanni El Khatib – Supplied