PLAYLIST: Best Songs Of The Week

Each week we write about a tonne of new music – too much to take in all at once. Here’s the best new tracks that we haven’t already covered this week! Head to our singles and playlists pages to check out anything else you might have missed, because it has been a massive week for tunes. For now, enjoy this playlist of

  • Penthouse & Maribelle, About You (Fortunes Remix)
    Fortunes puts a bouncy, space-age spin on the original track, which came out back in February – and I dare say I prefer the remix! It’s playful and exploratory, taking you through a range of really funky rhythms and bouncy layers, while the soulful male and female vocals both add unique atmospheres to the choppy rhythms and slick percussion.
  • Set Mo, Comfort You ft. Fractures
    Set Mo have time and time again released lovely, soulful electro tunes that are equally grounded in a dance-ready beat, and melodically dreamy. This time they’ve teamed up with Melbourne artist Fractures for a sentimental and understated track, packed with emotional, atmospheric synths and a really nice percussive rhythm with just the right amount of bounce.
  • Machinedrum, Dos Puertas ft. Kevin Hussein
    From there we head into a much heavier direction. New Machinedrum is always a good thing, and Dos Puertas (“two doors”) is a fucking banger. Am I letting out my guilty pleasure love of trappy bangers for the whole world to see? Maybe. But if I’m gonna plug a trappy banger, it’s going to be a heady Machinedrum thrasher with a brief, but frantic, dark verse from Kevin Hussein.
  • VHÖL, Dispatch
    The second weekly Adult Swim single is here, following last week’s debut courtesy of DJ Paypal. It’s a wild and frantic punk tune, with more bass drum kicks than the rest of this playlist combined. The press release describes the track as “6 minutes of high speed awesomeness fit for a car chase,” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. This is fucking wild. I love it.
  • Clarence Clarity & Pizza Boy, Splitting Hairs
    This is a really interesting, kind of industrial hip-hop track with a chunky, rhythmic instrumental. Clarity’s production is futuristic and ominous, blending distorted melodies with techno-synths. Meanwhile, Pizza Boy’s verses detail a bleak traipse through an anxious mind and internet obsession, from Genius to Gawker to cat photos and beyond. This is very, very interesting.
  • The Goods, Nightlife Ft Bruce Hathcock
    Upcoming Sydney duo The Goods have returned with a sparkly, understated electro-funk offering. It takes its time to unfold, with each layer building upon the last, from the bubbly bass to the bright synths, and the muffled, jazzy vocals. I’m not usually a fan of housey R&B, but this has just the right amount of shady texture and bouncy groove to really draw me in.
  • Sarah Mary Chadwick, Makin’ It Work
    Sarah Mary Chadwick has been on my radar for some time, and she’s got a new album out on August 5. Makin’ It Work is raw, almost painfully intimate, and while it’s musically the softest track on this playlist, it speaks volumes in its lyrics, and in its use of space and sparsity between each layer, temperate and collected. With a gorgeous melody and careful instrumentation, this track hits hard.
  • OG Maco, Don’t Know (Prod. Money Montage)
    I’m not that familiar with OG Maco to be honest, but I’m digging this track. It’s got a slow, drawn out beat, and a hook that’s rich, trappy and unreasonably catchy. The lyrics aren’t overly imaginative if we’re being honest here, but I absolutely love his husky tone and the flow, absolute honey across the sparse beat up above.
  • Jovel, The Heroine
    This is a powerful UK hip-hop track about a friend of the rapper whom he has watched spiral down into a deep, inescapable heroin addiction. The lyrics are moving, telling a sad, hard-hitting story. Meanwhile, the production is stellar, complementing the verses with an interesting marriage of dreamy ambience, guitars and a stompy beat. The track also comes along with a really raw video – watch it here.
  • Chance the Rapper, Juice (Busdriver cover)
    This is a really cheerful cover of the Acid Rap classic from man of the moment, Chance the Rapper. Bouncy and summery, it’s not easy to cover a track so classic, so universally popular, as the Chance original. However, he’s been bold in his stride and it absolutely works. He doesn’t switch up the original too much, but he’s put a fresh, unique spin on it, breathing new life into an track already so vibrant.

Image: VHOL/Adult Swim