Peter Broderick Announces New Album, Releases First Single “Carried”

Words by Manick Bhan

Oregon multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick has recently released his fantastic new single, Carried, the first to land from his upcoming album Partners. What makes Broderick so interesting to so many is that he creates music that deftly straddles the line between electronic and classical, drawing with such stellar musicianship upon elements of both to create a modern listening experience few others in his field are able to capture quite as well.

Put simply, Carried is a stunning, slow-paced track sprawled over nearly six and a half minutes. It’s thoughtfully melodic, combining the more traditional sounds of the piano with what seem to be drowned out vocals. It crests and falls magnificently, the piano moving up-tempo about three-quarters of the way through before falling away over a mesmerising climax.

As far as production goes, and Broderick has outsourced it here for Carried, seems to employ what could be considered slightly more contemporary sound mixing techniques. Written in Berlin, Broderick was largely inspired by John Cage’s In A Landscape, another instrumental album that features the piano.

For those wondering where the other half of Broderick’s inspiration comes from, there is an answer according to the composer: the concept of randomness. Announcing the project Broderick stated that the rest of the album will feature similar sounds and reflects “experiments with chance, surrendering an entire song’s composition to the roll of dice.”

While Broderick is not yet a household name, it’s interesting to think that with the success of more downbeat, mellow artists like James Blake and their skyrocketing popularity over the past few years, an increased awareness of Broderick’s music may very well be a possibility. Tracks as strong as Carried should certainly help.

Partners is out August 19 on Erased Tapes Records.

Partners Tracklist
1. Partners
2. In A Landscape
3. Carried
4. Under The Bridge
5. Conspiring
6. Up Niek Mountain
7. Sometimes

Image: ThisIsMyJam