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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Announce New Album “Skeleton Tree”

Last weekend came the news that Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds were set to release a new album, and accompanying film, coming this September. The band has now officially confirmed the release and provided further details.

The release will be titled Skeleton Tree. It is Cave’s first musical output since the death of his son, who died last year after plunging from a cliff in Brighton, East Sussex, on July 14 last year. Set to be his sixteenth album with the Bad Seeds, its vinyl, digital and CD release is set for September 9, 2016, while a film titled One More Time With Feeling, directed by Andrew Dominik. The film will premiere on September 8, 2016, across more than 650 cinemas around the world.


While Dominik, who first came to attention having directed Chopper, had initially been commissioned to direct a predominantly performance-based film, “evolved into something much more significant as Dominik delved into the tragic backdrop of the writing and recording of the album,” according to a press release. The film will thus not only feature a filmed performance of Skeleton Tree, but interview and other footage, “accompanied by Cave’s intermittent narration and improvised rumination.”

“Filmed in black-and-white and colour, in both 3D and 2D, the result is stark, fragile and raw, and a true testament to an artist trying to find his way through the darkness.”

It is believed that no singles or pre-releases of any kind will be made available to the public, nor media, ahead of the official release date.


You can pre-order the album now, and view all cinemas which will airing the film on September 8. Tickets are likely to be on sale soon.