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Martin Short Interviewing Drake is the Funniest Thing Ever

Improv is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Canadian megastar Drake was put on the spot in an interview with comedian Martin Short‘s character Jiminy Glick for a brand new sketch comedy show, Maya & Marty, starring Short alongside the brilliant Maya Rudolph.

Drake seems to have a penchant for being insulted on comedy shows. From his appearance on SNL a few weeks ago to this interview about his penis, poor Drake can’t catch a break. Oh, except for an album that went platinum in a week, as well as broken streaming records, and has now been streamed more than a billion times.

The interview hilariously absurd. Martin Short grills Drake on why people listen, or don’t listen to him, before noting that he is a Jewish rapper.

Short asks, “Do you miss the hood? And when I say hood, I mean your foreskin. Do you miss it?”

“Um, I’m glad, I’m glad to be clean cut,” is all Drake can stammer out. Of course, this is met with a follow up from Short, asking “Clean cut in the hair world?”

He goes on to poke fun at him about having zero street cred because he’s Canadian and his real name is Aubrey. Short offers him a donut after commenting on his weight, asks random questions like, “why do only fat kids play the tuba?” and invites Drake to invite him to join him in a “ritualistic steam bath.”

You can check out the full clip below, it’s extremely funny watching Drake get battered his the parody interview.

Meanwhile, the theme song for Maya & Marty was actually composed by none other than Jack White – you can check out more of our favourite artist-composed theme songs here.

Image: Youtube