LISTEN: Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” Brings Emotion To Star Trek Beyond

Every highly-anticipated motion picture needs a powerful ballad sung by a pop star, right? Rihanna has stepped up to the plate today with a huge new single titled Sledgehammer, the theme song for upcoming film Star Trek Beyond.

If Sledgehammer has been designed to get you excited for the film, it totally succeeds. Below, watch the trailer, soundtracked by the star’s new song.

The high piano notes make for a gripping intro, perhaps emulating a racing heart. Her gorgeous voice enters on a stunning, lush melody and powerful lyrics – it’s completely difference to what we’ve heard from her recently, and it might not be your typical song, but it sure as hell makes for one killer film soundtrack.

The imagery is on point throughout the emotional track, as she talks about rising up in spite of deep sadness, climbing over the obstacles and living through life’s troubles. The positive affirmations run strong throughout, encouraging the listener to keep going, even if they “hit a wall.”

She repeats the phrase, “you’re just a brick and I’m a sledgehammer,” to show the listener the best way to think about a tough situation. You are strong enough to destroy whatever is bringing you down.

Listen to the full track below:

Image: Billboard