Kanye West Helped The Rapper He Met in the Street, Listen to His Debut Single

It’s every aspiring artist’s dream to be placed in front of one your idols, faced with the opportunity to essentially ‘audition’ in front of them. Early last year, budding rapper Cameron Grey got exactly that.

Bumping into Kanye West after a Big Sean concert in Los Angeles, Grey pleaded for West to take his music, better yet he’d rap for him on the spot. Grabbing Kanye’s attention, he managed to spit a little freestyle, with ‘Ye even asking for some written verses, being so dazed that he followed it up by taking Grey’s contact details.

Talking to OkayPlayerCameron explained how he waited for about an hour and a half, managing to sneak down the back alleyway pretending he was on the phone to avoid suspicion. “I didn’t go out expecting that to happen but I knew he was in town and anything is possible in LA. It’s a crazy place.”

In an even more amazing set of circumstances, it turns out Kanye West really did get back to him, better yet hooking him up with studio time with his own Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer. The result is a new album currently titled Cocaine Ferrari, which at the moment doesn’t have a release date.

To announce the project, Grey has dropped the first single Never Bout Us, an auto-tuned, pop flavoured banger released alongside a cutting edge virtual-reality video. With his unique high tone, he definitely has potential but, as with just about all up-and-coming artists, there certainly is room for improvement.

If you’re interested in hearing more, he has also released two extra tracks on his Soundcloud, Vroomin In The Rari and Like Thatwhich boast a darker and more promising trap flavour.

Image: TMZ, YouTube