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Gucci Mane Announces New Album Out July 22

Gucci Mane has got to be one of the prolific people in the entire game. Seriously, love him or hate him, you can’t deny the incredible hustle: in just a few weeks since his release from prison, he’s released new music and numerous collaborations, announced a huge comeback concert, performed live, and has now shared the news that he’ll be dropping an entire new album titled Everybody Looking in under a month from now.

It’s currently unclear whether the album will feature entirely new music, or if it will contain tracks recorded before, or during his latest prison sentence. Gucci released a number of projects while incarcerated, the vast majority of which was written before he entered. To consider that he’d be able to write, produce and record an entire album in a month is hardly far-fetched – he’s been known to write and record up to 13 songs a day.

So far, the only information revealed has been the album name, Everybody Looking, and the artwork which you can see below.

This what ya’ll been askin for. So here it come “Everybody Looking” JULY 22!

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The album comes out the same day as his Gucci Mane & Friends concert, which will no doubt feature many of his most important proteges.

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