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Fetty Wap Under Investigation For “Wake Up” Video

Rap videos are no strangers to controversy. Whether it’s intense language, sex, violence, drugs and so on, there’s no shortage of criticism and confrontation. Today sees New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap the subject of just that kind of criticism.

Fetty released the video for his latest single Wake Up just last week, which follows the story of a young him going to school and essentially realising he has better things to do than be there. It’s full of scantily dressed women, drinking 40s and references to smoking weed too, as many rap videos are. The clip itself was filmed at the high school Fetty dropped out of – East Side High, New Jersey – and that’s where the controversy is coming from.

In a statement to only a few hours ago, school district spokeswoman for New Jersey Terry Corallo said that, “It has been determined that this video was taped inside Eastside High School during non-instructional hours and that no students participated in the taping of this video. As there are procedures that must be followed in securing the use of our facilities, whether all procedures were followed is in question and being investigated – and will be addressed in a personal matter. The District does not endorse the content of this video.”

Member of the school board Kenneth Simmons echoed the sentiments of many parents, claiming that, “as a parent and school board member I think it sends the wrong message. To me, it glorifies dropping out of school and getting high. I don’t want to take anything away from the artist, he’s talented, but even though he’s made it, that’s rare. Everybody who drops out doesn’t make it.

So far Fetty’s team is yet to provide a statement or response. While one would think that an artist as high-profile as Fetty Wap would have gotten the permissions to film a video clip which has already racked up almost 3.5 million views, maybe there was more to it? Having dropped out of the very same high school, and with a song that promotes a ‘fuck school’ attitude – maybe the lack of permission was on purpose? Frankly it kind of just seems like the school is taking this a bit too seriously. It’s not meant to be realistic, obviously, and in fact the only young child in the whole video is the teacher. That said, we’ll have to wait till Fetty is able to speak for himself to really know.

Image: Fetty Wap Youtube