Sirs Elton John and Paul McCartney Pay Tribute to Orlando Victims

In the wake of any tragedy, people come together. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and is proof that people still care about each other. Following the abhorrent shooting in Orlando earlier this week, where a homophobic shitstain of a human being walked into a gay club and opened fire, killing 49, there has been no shortage of support from all walks of humanity.

A particularly vocal community has been the music industry, where multitudes of artists have spoken out with words of love and hope. Recently we saw Adele dedicate her show in Antwerp to the victims, and Beyoncé dedicate her performance of Halo to all those affected by the shooting. Now, two other legendary voices have been added to the outcry of support; those of  Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Elton said during a performance in London a couple of nights ago that “when a horror like this massacre in Orlando comes along, great agony crashes across the world like a tsunami. And great grief. We feel shocked, angry and feel devastated inside for the victims and the loved ones who are mourning them.”

He also noted the reactions of countries around the world, with many iconic monuments being lit up as a rainbow. “The rainbow around the world tells me we can and we will win against these people.”

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney draped himself in a rainbow flag onstage during his One On One tour. He also showed his support on Twitter:

The importance of such influential people as Sir Elton and Sir Paul speaking out about this tragedy cannot be overstated. That they have the ability to use their platform as entertainers to reach as many people as they are able to with their messages of love and unity is a wonderful thing.

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Image: Theo Wargo, Getty Images / Twitter