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Dom Zilla Teams Up With Skinnyman For “M.S.I Part II”

After making his debut last year with Chasing Days EP, UK producer Dom Zilla has teamed up with Skinnyman for his follow up release. M.S.I Part II dropped this week via Soundcloud and also bring the promise of a sophomore record from Dom Zilla.

Co-written by Dave Okumu of The Invisible, sparse, soul infused melodies and light-touch beats continue the narrative that Zilla began with his debut release. Almost teasing material at just over two minutes, M.S.I Part II has the feel of an introductory piece with its mesmerising feels; short and sweet. Skinnyman brings his legendary street corner style spits to the track; a nice helping of grit to roughen up the impossibly smooth textures of the track. Zilla adds his own lighter vocal touch to the backing and chorus refrains.

M.S.I Part II sees Dom Zilla stepping confidently up to this next release, and maybe settling into his solo project with a little more purpose. Chasing Days was a strong debut, and Zilla is far from green, with albums’ worth of experience including Lulu James’ Black Butter classic Be Safe. But in M.S.I Part II Zilla turns shows off his talent as a producer with perhaps a little more certainty in his writing. A particularly strong collaborative effort, we’re hoping that this latest release promises a sophomore record from Dom Zilla this year.

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