Listen: Disclosure’s new “Moog For Love” EP

UK’s Disclosure are primed to drop their new 3-track EP Moog For Love, the brother duo’s first new release since September’s Caracal. The release date is officially tomorrow on Island Records (June 16), but you can already stream the whole thing online.

The release’s title track premiered as Zane Lowe’s World Record on his Beats 1 show overnight. It features Bristol producer Eats Everything, and, well – for a song literally titled Moog For Love, we’re not hearing a whole lot of emphasis on the moog (a type of synth, for the uninitiated). It’s a percussive house-infused club track, featuring long filter sweeps on the vocals and shuffling hi-hats. The drum loops are far and away more prominent that any moog sounds, but hey, maybe it’s an irony thing.

On Boss, the EP’s opening track, however, that sweet moog-y goodness is much more evident. Howard’s pitched-down vocals are incredibly catchy, but do they kinda sorta remind anyone else just a little bit of Destiny’s Child’s Say My NameBoss is a boisterous track, and definitely danceable, but it’s pretty repetitive. Where’s that innovative glitchy point of difference we’ve come to expect from Disclosure?

The EP’s high point comes in the form of Feel Like I Do. Never in a million years could we have told you that all we ever wanted was a Disclosure track that sampled Al Green (yes, THE Al Green – of Let’s Stay Together fame), but apparently it’s the truth. This is technically just as unchanging as the other tracks on Moog For Love, but the brassy loops break everything up, and TBQH we could listen to Green’s iconic croon forever and ever amen. Is anyone else as completely stoked on the ever-blurring lines between jazz, hip-hop and electro as we are?

It feels a lot like Disclosure are returning to their more house-aligned roots, but whether that’s a sign of things to come or if this is just a blip on the radar remains to be seen. Moog For Love isn’t mindblowing, but it’s definitely heart-pumping – and in our opinion, it’s all worth it if even just for the final track.

Disclosure are currently gearing up to headline the Other Stage at Glastonbury, and to co-headline Reading & Leeds with Foals.

Moog For Love EP Tracklisting

  1. BOSS
  2. Feel Like I Do (Disclosure & Al Green)
  3. In The Moog For Love (Disclosure & Eats Everything)

Image: Facebook

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