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BROODS and Jarryd James Team Up for “1000x”

Jarryd James and BROODS have come together for this brand new single 1000x. If you liked James’ duet with Julia Stone, I suggest you check this one out.

This one between James and BROODS’ Georgia Nott has a sweet calming vibe, blending Nott’s soft vocals with James’ signature soulful sound. You can see how perfect the slow song is for winter as you imagine yourself walking as you listen to it on a cold day while the wind dances around the trees. Their voices create perfect chemistry as they tell this intimate story together.    

James said this was “an older song” that he “was never 100 per cent sure of” until Nott, who he connected with through mutual friend producer Joel Little, heard and enjoyed it. “We thought, ‘Why don’t we get her to sing on it too’, make it a duet kind of thing. So she went and recorded some vocals, and when I heard it, I was like ‘Shit, this is so awesome!’.”

Upon its release, James described their friendship and the meaning of the song in a Facebook post. “I am so proud to have one of the best people in the world singing on this track with me. It’s a song about how strong love can be when it is real.”

The ARIA award winning artist has been super busy. While he is now preparing to play at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival on July 30th, he also mentioned that he has written and recorded five songs.

“It’s been pretty crazy – like I landed home in Brisbane from a gig in New York, then four days later, I was back on a plane to L.A. for these sessions. But that’s the way it goes man – you know, you’ve just gotta jump on that and go with it,” he said.

While James released his debut album last year, BROODS’ second album Conscious will be available at the end of this week.

Let the music take you away by tuning in to 1000x below.

Image: YouTube