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Blood Orange’s New Album is Out And It Is Glorious

Blood Orange, aka Dev Hynes, has surprise released his new album Freetown Sound a few days early, and the world is a better place because of it.

The record was entirely self-produced and self-written, with a wildly diverse list of featured guests including Nelly Furtado, Carly Rae Jepsen, Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness, Empress Of and Debbie Harry. Bainbridge’s inclusion is particularly noteworthy, as upon first listen, I immediately found myself thinking about how I could compare this release to Kindness’ wonderful 2014 album Otherness.

The seventeen track offering takes the listener on a guided journey through Hynes’ life, past and present, culminating in lush, soulful R&B, melodically and lyrically engaging at every point. Each track flows with precision and fluidity from one to the next, evoking an overall atmosphere that is warm and personal. From the upbeat rhythm, contrasting deep spoken verses and airy chorus of Augustine, to the intimate tango of Best To You, to the jazzy saxophone on tracks like Love Ya and Squash Squash, the evocative piano on I Know, or the dramatic intimacy of a ballad like Hadron Collider, the album is a disco-laden, slow jam haven, and ultimately one of the smoothest albums of 2016 so far.

It’s well known that Hynes is deeply respected by countless of his peers, both as an artist in his own right and as collaborator, and a release this fulfilling proves that he is worth every drop of the hype.

Stream the album below, and purchase it on iTunes here.

Blood Orange: Freetown Sound Tracklist
01. By Ourselves
02. Augustine
03. Chance
04. Best To You
05. With Him
06. E.V.P.
07. Love Ya
08. But You
09. Desirée
10. Hands Up
11. Hadron Collider
12. Squash Squash
13. Juicy 1-4
14. Better Than Me
15. Thank You
16. I Know
17. Better Numb

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