Birdman Literally Sleeps on $1 Million in Cash, Apparently

Some people invest in memory foam pillows, while others tackle chronic pain with specially designed back-friends beds. Not Birdman.

This week, the rapper was a guest on an ESPN talk show called Highly Questionable. They discussed many interesting topics (which are a tad difficult to understand, as he kind of mumbles his way through), which include his upbringing and the influence of his brother, of how discovering god and the bible in prison changed his life, and about his upcoming documentary series, getting a $30 million contract at age 19 and how he thought he was going to die young.

One of the hosts, Dan Le Batard, quizzes Birdman with a true or false round: “You had a million dollars cash that you actually slept on?” to which Birdman replied, “I still sleep on a million dollars cash. That’s just a fatuation for me in life. I do that and Imma do that until I die.” He reiterates, “Imma do that til I die. I got a million dollars on my mattress, under my sheets. I just feel the need to do that. I was fortunate to blessed to be able to do it and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bedspread on top of it.”

Is it comfortable? “It don’t matter,” he insists, explaining that his bed is three California King mattresses, which is a few inches larger than a regular King size. Is he worried about theft? “Well, if you comin’ in that room you gonna get the business,” he replies, to giggles from the co-hosts. “My house is secure, I protect myself.”

Another true or false question asked whether he and Lil Wayne bet $10,000 on the computer game Madden. True that they used to gamble a lot, he says, but false that they let the computer do the playing: Birdman and Wayne would play against each other. “Every time we played at least ten grand,” he confirmed. “At least, minimum.He also says that he let Wayne win because “that’s my son. You know how that goes, you gotta let the little one win, sometimes. Not all the time.”

Wayne, who has also appeared on the sports show, responded to the video with a tweet:

Image: Youtube