50 Cent Arrested In The Caribbean For Using Profanity

So it turns out swearing is a big no-no on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Initially booked just to simply host the event, acclaimed New York City rapper 50 Cent got into a lot of strife after unexpectedly performing, dropping a sly “motherfuckin’” while playing his hit P.I.M.P. to over 40,000 festival-goers.

According to TMZ, the DJ that was provided didn’t play a censored version of the single at the music festival, but apparently it was 50’s fault for pronouncing the profanities instead of ignoring them. For this reason, authorities charged 50 Cent with the use of explicit language in public.

Speaking to Rolling Stone,  50’s representative stated,

“[Curtis “50 Cent”] Jackson was only booked to host the show, when he arrived at the festival organizers asked him to perform, he obliged and used the DJ they had there. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance. The show was a great success and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the ‘motherf*****s’ in the United States.”

Initially Jackson had to surrender his travel documents ahead of a court appearance set for Monday, but surprisingly this has since been resolved. Paying his fine (an undisclosed figure), he is already en route back to the USA. This isn’t even the first time this has happened, back in 2003 DMX got pulled up on the exact same thing, and was forced to pay a $357 bail before he could head back home. Check out 50’s performance in question below:

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Image: XXL Mag