YACHT Have Sex Tape Leaked, Sell It For $5

YACHT, the electropop duo consisting of Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans, have had their sex tape leaked online, and are now selling it for $5.

In the group’s Facebook post, it was revealed that through a “series of technological missteps and one morally abject person” a video tape that the pair, who have been romantically involved since 2006, recorded for their own personal use ended up online. The Portland duo concluded by stating that, “We have commenced legal proceedings against the aforementioned person.” The band also urged their fans and the general public to not view the tape, which they deemed to be exploitive and stated that, “our hope is that you fundamentally understand that choice and you choose not to view a private act that was inadvertently made public.”

Shortly after this post, YACHT remembered that the internet doesn’t give a fuck about people’s privacy especially if they are even a bit famous, and decided to start selling the tape themselves for $5. In a second post, the artists very logically argue that since the video is out there now, the best they can do to “take some kind of ownership over what happened”, and basically charge money to people that want to see the tape instead of letting porn sites profit from the traffic. “If you feel like you 100% have to see this tape, don’t stream it on some tube site, or download a torrent,” they wrote.  “Instead, we beg you to download the video, Louis C.K.-style, directly from us.”

Having your sex tape leaked on the internet is fucking bullshit, so if you can somehow make the best of it and spin some profit out of a shitty situation, why not? Feel free to help YACHT fight the good fight by purchasing their sex-tape here.

Image: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal