PLAYLIST: Winter’s Cold AF, Here’s A Playlist to Warm You Up

Winter is coming. Not only is it officially a couple days away, but the exceedingly hot start to 2016 is well and truly over. Across the entirety of Australia, the cold can absolutely be felt. This means that you now have an excuse to grab six different sweaters and curl up on your couch to eliminate that backlog of TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch. Winter can be rough, but if you know how to handle it, the cold can actually be a benefit. Of course, this is Australia, so it’s not like there will be much snow, but you get the idea.

As well as curling up in front of Netflix with a hot chocolate, winter is an ample time to warm yourself up with some sweet melodies and cooling vibes. So we’ve put together a winter playlist to get you through the harsh cold.

You’ll find a lot of dark, mellow beats. The shorter days that the cold season brings lend themselves to darker and less pronounced melodies. There’s a bit of rap, and a few classics in the mix. Of note in particular is 1515 Washington, by Astronautalis. It’s a great, gritty track. Other standouts are Run The Jewel‘s Rubble Kings Theme and HEALTH‘s DRUGS EXIST. Check out the playlist down below, and grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

Image: HBO