Vince Staples Tears Down YouTube Commenters On ‘Norf Norf’ Video

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has been making reaction videos into an artform for some time now. Quick-witted and acid-tongued, his hot takes as they pertain to institutions like the NBA or GQ and their Men Of The Year, from hip-hop past or present to Yelp reviews and everything in between, Vince has had people in utter stitches and he’s been a go-to source for his opinions.

I’m still laughing at Carmelo Anthony looking ‘like he work on a tugboat’. In between videos, Staples also released his huge double-sided debut studio effort Summertime 06 just last year with a string of hit singles and videos behind it. One of the standout tracks on the record was the warped out and sinister ode to his hometown of Long Beach in Norf Norf, which was stellar enough in its own right to also warrant its own music video.

Having been out for nine months now, the video has understandably accrued more than a bit of activity in the dark and desolate and caps-locked wastelands of its YouTube comment section. In an interview with Noisey as part of their ongoing ‘The People Vs.’ series, Vince Staples has this week taken some time out of his very busy schedule as one of the best and brightest young rappers in the game to respond to some of these individual comments. With predictably hilarious results:

Most of the comments are friendly and supportive of Vince and his art, some are confrontational and downright stupid (who would have guessed the YouTube comments section would have dicks in it???). Vince responds to each one with aplomb, tearing a whole heap of them down with approximately zero chill to be found.

I don’t want to ruin the experience by transcribing it all here, just watch it and enjoy, but Staples telling one commenter he looked like Nelly with his ‘open-ass shirt’ was a particular highlight.

It’s no surprise really that when we interviewed Vince Staples last year he told us he was ‘one of the funniest people alive’. You can watch the original video for Norf Norf below. We hope to see plenty more on-camera work from Staples in the future, who looks to have a definite fallback career option now.

Image: Pitchfork