Torii Wolf

Torii Wolf Shares New DJ Premier-Produced Single

Torii Wolf‘s upcoming album Flow Riiot is pretty special. Not only is it her debut album, it’s also unique because it will be entirely produced by hip-hop legend, DJ Premier.

DJ Premier has accrued quite a list of people that he has managed to work with over the year’s including the likes of Gang Star, Dr. Dre, The Game and Royce da 5’9” among many others. What’s unique about this pairing is that this will be the first time DJ Premier has entirely produced a female artist’s album.  Although Premier has attempted to shine the spotlight on other artists who he has produced, it hasn’t always stuck. However, if this first single is anything to go by, this could be the year where it all turns around.

1st is the cleverly titled first single from the upcoming Flow Riiot and immediately showcases the unique and captivating vocal prowess of Torii Wolf. While she’s asking, “what does it take to keep you from running away”, Premier lends his trademark scratching to the tracks hook with, “I’ve seen the last-come first, I’ve seen the first last” – a repeating chorus which distracts (in a positive way) from Wolf’s ethereal sound.

While this first single is enjoyable as fuck, it will be interesting to see once the album drops, just how the pair find ways to keep the listener captivated as they bounce off each other’s vastly different styles. One song is rarely an indicator of the overall album, and while 1st had all the makings of a solid track, Wolf and Premier will have to dig deep to keep the listener’s enthusiasm from waning.

With both artists firmly having something to prove, their enthusiasm and determination will hopefully ensure that this upcoming album is a success for both of them. We will keep you updated regarding the album’s release date.

Image: pitchfork