The New Aussie Hip-Hop: Anfa Rose x Dopamine

Aussie hip-hop has seen a pretty serious facelift in recent years with old and new artists innovating and changing the landscape to command attention across the country, exploring new sonic territories in ways previously unheard of from local artists. The incredibly talented Anfa Rose is one of these exciting new artists pumping out a sound that is not necessarily new as a whole, but certainly is on a local scale. His latest mixtape Debauched is 12 tracks of smooth R&B and fresh, honest rap that deserves so much more hype.

The mixtape is a collaboration between Anfa Rose and Sydney producer Dopamine. It’s dark, moody and takes a bunch of unexpected twists and turns. The production seamlessly weaves classical piano with trippy synths, weird drops and cut up drum beats. The 22 year old Sydney rapper’s lyrics take on the ups and downs of relationships with the swagger and ease of a seasoned artist. The blend of softly sung choruses and effortlessly cool rhymes is reminiscent of Drake‘s Take Care

Highlights include On Top, a cruisy, atmospheric song which changes direction when you least expect it with a drop that boarders on trap and Cold Night, where Anfa Rose lazily sings the chorus but spits fire in the verses. The end of the song slows right down, his voice lowers and you can almost feel him fading out and falling asleep. It’s easy listening at its best and I can pretty much guarantee that after one listen you’ll be hooked.

It’s exciting to see these new, different sounds coming out of Australian hip-hop and R&B. While these have been slowly infusing into electronic genres over time, it’s the raw styles that are now on the come-up. Anfa Rose will force you to re-think your understanding of Australia’s thriving, diverse scene, and we couldn’t be more excited about that.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this.