WATCH: The Muppets Cover OutKast

The world of cyberspace has again proven its worth to the world of music, with some bedroom hero dropping a stunning mashup of  footage from The Muppets, depicting members of the cast seemingly performing a cover of Ms Jackson by OutKast.

The video, which was uploaded a mere 9 hours ago, features Gonzo playing the role of Andre 3000, using his crooked nose charm to seduce his fellow puppets in a selection of carefully chosen scenes throughout the program’s history.

All hell then breaks loose as MC Kermit the Frog steps up to the plate of Big Boi to spit some serious rhymes.

Watch the full video below.

Despite the comic nature of the video, there have been a number of authentic cover gems produced from The Muppets over the past few years (decades).

Renowned drumming icon Animal paid justice to The Troggs classic Wild Thing back in season 2 of the program, giving Keith Moon a run for his money in the process, and blonde bombshell Janice won the votes of music fans all over the world with her tribal take on The Beatles in the form of I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.

However, our vote for the best Muppets cover ever would have to go to their bold take on Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody.

All cheesy singalongs aside, the combination of Animal’s failure in the first verse and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew‘s vocal solo will cause you to crack a smile at any time of the morning.

Recent musical guests on the show have included Jack White helping Kermit and Miss Piggy with their relationship woes, and Dave Grohl getting schooled in the art of drumming by Animal.

Just for fun, check out this creepy video of Tame Impala as Muppets while you’re here.

IMAGE: 27th Letter Productions