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The Goon Sax Headline Huge I Life Factory Party Tonight

Had enough of this week and its shit already? Wanting it to be the weekend but its only crappy old Thursday? Does making your way in the world today take everything you’ve got and taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot? Well The Foundry knows your name has got you covered tonight with the massive I Life Factory party presenting some of the best artists currently kicking around Brisbane.

From the tremendously named The Dollar Bill Murrays getting the evening’s proceedings off to a rocking start to thunderous punk n’ roll noisemakers Makeout Creek doing their darndest to deafen everyone, to synth ballad 80s businessman karaoke God Simi LaCroix (who blew us all away with his set just gone at The Blurst Of Times) putting the room in a to ‘cute boys’ Caroline and, now that the cat has been let right out of the bag, mega-headliners and a couple of Brisbane’s best up-and-comers in The Goon Sax to end your night on a jangly feelgood high, it promises to be a night of unadulterated whimsy.

On to brass tacks though, how much would you pay to be allowed anywhere near this amazing experience? $50? A lifetime of servitude to the Dark Lord Guy Fieri? How about the wallet-friendly admission price of absolutely on the house? Yep, it’s free entry to this so you’ll have plenty more of your hard-earned scrill to hand politely to the lovely Foundry bar staff in exchange for very affordable refreshments.

All of it gets underway tonight at The Foundry at 7:30. Wear your snazziest shoes and bring your snazziest vibes.