The Avalanches Preview New Song “Subways,” Continue To Be Absolute Teases

Fans of The Avalanches rejoice: the wait is over.

Well, almost.

The frustratingly elusive collective have been dropping some pretty telling hints for a while now that their second album is on the way, but nothing concrete has actually dropped. Now, it seems they’re finally just about ready to share what they’ve been up to all these years.

Posters have been popping up in the UK and US that look suspiciously like they’re promoting the band’s Since They Left Us documentary. As Redditors have pointed out, though, something feels a little off. The documentary trailer dropped last week to much excitement, but there’s a fair amount of skepticism as to whether there even really is a documentary at all, or whether this is all just a very clever marketing tactic to get everyone keen for the album (it’s working). Like we needed any more encouragement on that front.

Most importantly, though, the posters indicate that “preview screenings” for the “documentary” are available by calling +44 800 098 8938 (UK), or (855) 953-3597 (US). Anyone who calls through is treated to a very low-quality loop of a song that Shazam indicates is called ‘Subways’. You can listen to the loop here if you’re not keen on paying international charges.

The Avalanches have made countless promises about new music being imminent, it really seems they’re going to make good on their words this time. And with their Splendour in the Grass appearance just around the corner, it’s seeming more and more likely that we’ll get that long-awaited second album before they make their first live Australian appearance in 15 years.

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Words by Liz Ansley

Image: FACT