Snoop Dogg Announces New Album, Enlists Just Blaze On Production

Over the last month, there have been more than a few hints that Snoop Dogg has entered the studio to work on a new project.

Now, as revealed via a late-night Facebook live stream and Instagram post, Snoop has now confirmed that the project will be his next solo album. Launched under the newly relaunched DoggyStyle Records, the LP will be dropping July 1.

Further highlights of the live stream include details of DoggyStyle’s intention to put out no less than 100 singles before August, Snoop’s ornate  pair of Versace shoes, an unreleased tape from early alias Snoop Rock Ski and a conspicuously large jar of the artist’s personal stash.

For the new LP, Snoop has enlisted help from Just Blaze. Commenting on the forthcoming album, Blaze provided insight into his inspiration: “Some of the stuff that I’ve been working on lately just kind of felt like an updated version of that old Death Row sound, kind of an updated G-Funk,” he shared with Billboard. “I just started working on these tracks and they had a lot of those similar elements, just felt like newer versions of that feeling.” Blaze also added he’s not the only producer working on the project, but further details have not yet been announced.

Considering that DoggyStyle and The Doggfather were both released on Death Row Records it sounds like the album might be evocative of a more classic Snoop Doggy Dog-era sound.

Image: HipHopDX