Snoop Dogg Drops Two New Songs

It was just yesterday that the one and only Snoop Dogg announced a new album was on the way, scheduled for release come July 1. Now, it seems he is hellbent on making that happen and has gone onto share not one, but two new singles. Although his last single prior to this was only released in April, I don’t think it ever gets old seeing fresh music from the one and only S-N-Double O-P D-O-Double G!

First, we have Top Down. Produced by Bongo da Drum Gawd, it’s a Cali song for cruising around with the top down. Looking back on the years when he wasn’t one of the kings of hip-hop, the lyrics recognise the struggle faced in the come up and features some silky smooth singing from vocalist October. That, and a lot of references to weed. #JustSnoopThings.

Next up is Love Around The World. This time tapping Big Bub for some soulful, sensual vocals, Snoop talks about his touring and the extent of his influence. Giving shout outs to “the whole globe” and talking about having “100 fans show up at my door,” Snoop knows he’s the bomb, and now he’s wanting to spread that love that is given to him all over the world.

It’s assumed these two tracks are from his forthcoming record, but that is still yet to be confirmed. Saying yesterday he intended for his new record label, DoggyStyle Records, (which will be releasing his album) intended to release up to 100 singles by August, so it seems they’re off to a good start. Going from that, we can probably expect to hear a lot more from Snoop and his DoggyStyle crew in the coming months – and that is definitely a good thing… as long as there is no more Snoop Lion.

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Image: Bosslady