Skepta Releases “Man” Video

Skepta drops his highly anticipated album, Konnichiwa, this week. As if hype levels weren’t already at dizzying heights already, he has just shared some brand new visuals to really take us over the edge, releasing a new video for his latest single, Man.

Filmed at what looks like an insanely hectic house party, the hard tune is paired with some pretty crazy scenes. Rave lights, police, girls lighting cigarettes, graffiti and more depict a wild party or two, filmed on a handheld camera to give it a real DIY feel. Despite the grainy footage, we can’t help but feel a bit (lot) of FOMO for this one.

Konnichiwa is Skepta’s fourth studio album, but he has never had hype like this before for an album of his. After shooting to the top of the game and being a figurehead for the world’s realisation that grime is a real thing, Skepta has suddenly found himself as an international star rubbing shoulders with the likes of Drake. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here, but one thing is for sure – Skepta is already huge, and from what we can tell, he’s just getting started!

Konnichiwa is out May 6th via Boy Better Know.