Save The Giraffes: Hopsin & Daylyt Find New Life Purpose (Seriously)

What would you say if you saw a man with white eyes and a man with a tattooed face feeding giraffes at your local zoo? What if I told you it was two rappers, Hopsin and Daylyt? What if I just said two men from California have set out to save the giraffes?

What started as a joke post from Daylyt to Hopsin, “Yo me and Hopsin bout to go save some giraffes” is actually looking like the two MCs might actually be trying to do something about the giraffes.

In a recent interview with, Daylyt goes into detail about wanting to save giraffes and how the idea came about. He also outlines how he first met Hopsin at a rap battle with Supa Hot Fire and how they started working together after that.

“It just so happens we had the same purpose, and it was to do something big. We never thought it was gonna be save giraffes,” he said. “We came up with something called The Combine — it was something that we was just gonna work on as far as helping each other out to do something bigger.”

Daylyt and Hopsin then reached out to Mr. 2TheP and made a song called Save the Giraffes. “So we made the song but it was a joke,” Daylyt said, which is unsurprising considering Hopsin’s just as known for his joke songs his real ones. “[But then] Mr. 2TheP calls me up and goes, ‘You know giraffes are really in danger, right?’ So before you know it we start reading articles, we start really tapping into this and come to find out that giraffes are really going extinct. Like rapidly, and nobody is saying anything.”

“So I called Hop and was like ‘Yo Hop, how would this world look at us if we actually did this?’ People can say whatever the hell they want about us but if we actually did this for real, we’d be looked at as very good people by a large amount of people.”

Regardless of how the idea came around, the fact is these two rappers have the network to possibly make a difference by helping keep giraffes safe from extinction. There is no information as to how they will help the giraffes, but getting the conversation going is a great first step.

Check out the interview and a clip of the giraffe-centric song below:

Image: Facebook/ Daylyt