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Sampa The Great Drops Two New Cuts On SoundCloud

We can’t get enough of Sampa The Great here at Howl & Echoes, so when she goes and drops two cuts on Soundcloud overnight, it’s like Christmas came early – and this is exactly what has happened.

Sharing 2 4 and Blessings overnight, both cuts are short and sweet but are certainly not lacking in vibes. From the swagger of 2 4 and it’s stuttered beat, with Sampa’s voice echoing out “2 4 come and get on the floor,” it’s a woozy tune that meanders and slumps its way along. Featuring some musings and mutterings in between the hook, it shows a lot of potential for a really solid song. Listen below:

The same goes for Blessings. A shorter cut again, this nevertheless shows the skeleton of a total jam. Sampa reflects on this introspective number, with lines like “Every step I take, pre-meditated/ Every night I meditated now my soul is educated,” discussing her spirituality. It’s less dance-y than 2 4 but shows off Sampa’s lyrical prowess in all it’s powerful glory. Featuring some beautiful keys and gentle guitar licks, Blessings is an afternoon’s breeze.

Whilst there is no official word on anything happening with these two tracks (produced by Godriguez), we can’t help but hope that fully fledged versions find their way into our earholes ASAP. Until then though, these will do just fine.

Image: Soundcloud