PREMIERE: The Boxer Rebellion Take Us Behind The Scenes At Sunset Studios

It’s always interesting to see what goes on behind the creation of an album, and today we’re excited to show you exactly that. The Boxer Rebellion spent last year working on their fifth (!) album Ocean By Ocean at Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Studios. The album came out last week, and today they share a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how it was created.

The seven minute video takes us through the famed studio – including mention that many legendary artists like The Doors and Prince recorded there (in fact this is where Purple Rain was recorded), before talking about their journey so far – it had been more than a year since they began work on the album.

The band discuss what it’s like to live and work together throughout the whole process – and how it certainly helps to be basking under the warm California sun. We’re privy to up close and personal looks at the recording of specific lines and phrases on percussion and guitars, and in between studio footage, we see them playing basketball, eating, drinking, FaceTiming loved ones and more.

The London four-piece (albeit with an American singer) have been honing their captivating, atmospheric sound for fifteen years, so it’s really interesting to have a little inside view of how they operate and create their soaring, luscious music.

In their own words, here’s the band on the mini-documentary:

“Last summer we flew to LA to record Ocean By Ocean at Sunset Sound Studios. The studio has hosted countless musical heroes of ours and many legendary records were created within those walls.

As well as the natural sound of the room, we had a huge choice of instruments and effects to experiment with. We had written close to thirty songs in the previous year, of those songs we recorded fourteen during our time in LA. The freedom to experiment and develop sounds at length led to the sonically colourful character of the record. Immersing ourselves in both the city and this particular studio had a huge influence on the record and you can see the process here in this exclusive Making Of documentary:”

Purchase Ocean By Ocean here.

Image: Supplied