PREMIERE: A Love Like Pi Share “Till I Die” Video

A Love Like Pis recent single Till I Die, from their debut album III, is one of those tracks that hit you hard from the very first listen. With that in mind, we’re really excited to premiere its brand new video clip.

Till I Die is bright and punchy, with a huge, wicked beat and snappy vocals. A heavy, nearly industrial take on electro-pop, the track blasts wide opens with a blistering verse, before breaking down into an understated, delicate bridge and right back up again.

Staying true to their name, the song, which is the opening track on their album, begins with a melodic reading reading of the first few numbers of Pi, “3.141592653589,” before launching into the main verse. While the track itself is immense, I love the less is more direction of the clip, pitting simple yet stark black and white backdrops against silhouettes of the band members and their instruments. Considering the onslaught of over-the-top video clips with production values that often overshadow the song itself, a simple yet riveting clip like this is a perfect accompaniment.

Although A Love Like Pi have been around in one incarnation or another since 2006, their debut album III only came out in late 2015, following three EPs. The title, III, refers to the three stages of a male’s life – boy, man, and ultimately, death. On this concept, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lief Liebmann muses, “I hope people find themselves in the narrative of this album. No matter where you are in life, there are different parts of this album that can resonate with you—the songs span many moods.”

Stream III here, or purchase it on iTunes.

Image: Supplied