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Playlist: The Best Songs Of The Week

As the year goes on, we continue to be spoiled for choice when it comes to new music. We get it can be hard to sift through the masses to find your favourites, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out some of the best songs from last week, all wrapped up in a neat little playlist! Here are some of the best songs from last week, enjoy!

NUSSY, Sinking Into You

Since the release of her debut EP back in 2014, Melbourne electro pop artist Nussy has been forging a path on her own with her eclectic sounds and heavenly voice. Sinking Into You is the first taste we’ve had from her in some time, but it’s definitely well worth the wait. With a lofi almost jungle beat, the bass sways and shifts as layers of vocals swirl and swell. Her poignant lyrics detail a tale as old as time of falling hard for someone, and the track captures this feeling so well. Having already supported the likes of Sophie Lowe, Lanks and Yeo, it’s really only upwards from here for Nussy!

East Of My Youth, Mother

Hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland, East Of My Youth are Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir & Herdís Stefánsdóttir. The duo play melodic, electronic pop and draw influences from various genres and moods; from classical music/film music/ambient to hardcore techno or the weather, and their latest single Mother is a shimmering example of just how fantastic the music is that comes from the top of the globe. Thelma’s voice is powerful and commanding, with influences of the likes of CHVRCHES (although it may be remiss to say they fully sound like them). No, East Of My Youth are in a league of their own, and Mother is a perfect example of how much they have going on for them – and how well it works.

cln, Owls

Brisbane’s cln returns with Owls, serving as a preview of what we can expect from him in the months to come. Delicate, intricate and meticulously produced, cln’s penchant for soft and gentle tunes that put you under a spell continues with this new song, but a certain maturity in his sound is also on display here. Showcasing his diverse vocal abilities as well, he melds a variety of styles into his own future-trap/beat style, complete with laser synth jabs, unpredictable drops and a thumping bass that carries the tune without ever overpowering it. As the track goes along, it’s clear that cln is really starting to hit his stride – a move that will be really exciting to watch unfold.


POPPONGENE (pronounced: poppon-jean) is the solo project of Sophie Treloar who plays in Melbourne band Sunbeam Sound Machine, and Do It Girl is the first single from her debut EP. Produced by Skube Burnell (808s and Greatest Hits), mixed by Simon Lam (Kllo, Ills & Nearly Oratorio) & mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current, Total Control etc), she’s tapped a who’s who cast of Australian music maestros to bring her project to life, and from the sounds of this, she is really onto something. Drenched in sunny psychedelia, her whispering vocals and soaring harmonies swirling under thick, hazy production with incessant (in a good way) guitar and plenty of effects to give it the sun-drenched nostalgia that I just love. I’m expecting big things from POPPONGENE!

Kuren, Home Ft. Ben Alessi

Rural NSW producer Kuren has delivered another super solid track with this latest single. Teaming up with NYC singer Ben Alessi, the duo vibe with each other hard – Alessi’s voice sublime over Kuren’s skittering, hard hitting production. Demonstrating rapidly maturing skills as a producer, Kuren holds it down with big booms, jabbing synths and guitar notes that make the track race ahead. Set to embark on his first national tour, this song will be an absolute standout in his live show as it sets him apart from the pack into a league of his own (a path he forged initially with his Love Lost EP that has been cemented here). Head here for more info on that and keep both ears pricked for this guy – Kuren is gonna be ha-uuuge!

Phosphene, Silver

With a crunchy, garage-y guitar, honey vocals and a piercing drumbeat, Phosphene deliver big time with Silver. Taken from their latest album, Breaker, this Californian band pay their respects to the frontrunners like Sonic Youth in their music, whilst thinking forward and throwing modern touches at it to bring those sounds into the future. A solid release, Silver and by extension Breaker represent a band fast maturing in themselves and their music, and it’s a sound I really can’t get enough of. Keep up to date with them on their Soundcloud and Facebook, as these guys are well worth your time!

Rainbow Chan, Last

Rainbow Chan makes music that doesn’t really fit anywhere, and that’s one of her biggest strengths. Last is her latest tune and it’s a doozy. With vocals that will embed themselves in your brain, eclectic and exciting production and pop sensibilities with futuristic touches, Rainbow Chan transcends genres to make her own sound – and I’m all about it. Incredibly intricate, it’s a gift that keeps on giving as more and more is revealed with each listen. Taken from her forthcoming debut LP out (hopefully) soon, I get the feeling Rainbow Chan is only just hitting her stride now, and that is saying something!

LA Witch, Drive Your Car

Los Angeles all girl trio LA Witch shared a double single release last year, featuring this bad boy and another track, Ain’t Comin Home, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to either. Surf rock meets punk meets garage and so much more, LA Witch go to town on Drive Your Car. Complete with searing guitar, woozy vocals and just enough cymbal crashes to make it really thrashy, they have so much going on but maintain total control throughout. The heavy bassline and moody vocals make for an attitude-laden track with more than a few punches packed, and will certainly see the girls pick up more than a few new fans along the way.

DEEDS, Exile

Brisbane band DEEDS comes from the now defunct indie ten piece, Inland Sea. Having spent a few years apart finding themselves, four of the original members have now once again joined forces, and I’m really glad they did. Sharing their latest single, Exile, the four piece are making just as excellent music as they did four years ago, but with a slightly different style. Working in the heavier rock area of indie music, DEEDS once again show off their aptitude for hard hitting lyrics, galloping drums and sublime guitars to reach new heights they haven’t seen before with this kind of music. Self described as “the National on blue meth,” these guys may just be starting out but they’re already sounding awesome. I’m definitely keeping an eye on DEEDS!