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Playlist: The Best Songs Of The Week

Another week, another few hundred (maybe even thousand) new singles to get into your earholes. We know it’s hard work, so we’ve done it for you! Check out a list of the best new songs from this week below:

PLGRMS, Fools And Their Gold

What do you get when you combine an exceptional singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter? Something like Sydney based duo PLGRMS, and their stellar new single, Fools And Their Gold. Indie pop at it’s darkest and most brooding, with a hint of mystery and intrigue, PLGRMS have really stepped up to the plate with this latest song. Following on from their previous single, Pieces, PLGRMS are just so damn impressive here. With so much going on, it’s a dynamic exercise that pairs flutters of percussion with heavy drums and staggered synths, all swirling together in harmony whilst vocalist Jacob Pearson’s stunning voice soars over the top. It’s a dream.

ABBE MAY, Are We Flirting?

Abbe May returns! And she’s got even more sass than ever before. Releasing Are We Flirting? to herald her arrival back on the scene and in our ears, this features a swaggering bassline, erratic percussion and intermittent electronic noises firing off whilst her voice shows off an impressive range effortlessly conveying her lyrics with just enough seduction to keep you hooked, but a certain nonchalance like the sonic embodiment of the “swerve” emoji (you know the one, with her hand at her shoulder smiling with her dead, not-caring eyes). Coming back after a triumphant battle with serious health issues that saw an untimely departure from the scene when it looked all but hers back in 2013, Abbe May is hungry to pick up where she left off, and Are We Flirting? (and by extension, her forthcoming record, Bithcraft) are definitely going to see her get there.

SAATSUMA, Floating

Saatsuma is a collaboration between Melbournites Memphis Kelly, Cesar Rodrigues and Joel Ma, and their latest single, Floating, is a beautiful take on solitude and the feelings that come with insomnia. Themes that are normally dark and alienating are given new life by Saatsuma, thanks to hypnotic electronica and soulful, enchanting vocals in this song, and proves the group aren’t afraid of tackling big issues – or their realities. As someone who struggles with these issues a lot, it hit particularly close to home, but it was more like a hug than a hit, and that’s exactly what you need sometimes. The trio are an exciting addition to Melbourne’s sonic landscape, and it will be really great to see where they go.

High Water, Changed The Locks

Released via Nicolas Jaar’s OTHER PEOPLE label, this bad boy is about the strangest song you would have heard this week. Described as “a mongrel, electro-acoustic jazz” in its press release, it’s the twisted brain child of one Will Epstein and is an experimental aural journey from start to finish. With pained, impassioned vocals over guitar loops and tinkering drums, Epstein sounds like a more electronic Nick Allbrook. Not down to compromise himself or his sound one bit, it’s one month until the release of his forthcoming debut album, Crush, and it’s shaping up to be a remarkable release indeed. Taking inspiration from his labelhead, Jaar, Epstein plays and experiments with sounds in a way that surprisingly works, combining a kind of controlled chaos that isn’t pulled off by just anyone. No, Epstein is onto something really good here, and Changed The Locks is a shining example of whatever it is he is trying to do.

Soto Voce, Better

Better is Soto Voce’s first single EVER, and it’s so impressive you’d think they’d have been in the game for much, much longer. It’s a slow burner, erring more on the pop side of the R&B spectrum, but captures a certain emotional element that is often missing from this kind of style. As it goes along, it continues to unravel itself revealing from brooding R&B to a soulful build before unleashing into a buzzsaw synth breakdown. It’s expansive, immersive and irresistible. It’s also incredibly ambitious and will serve them very well for future releases. I have very high expectations for this Oakland duo!

Arthur Wimble, It Breaks

Just one week out from the release of his debut, Hearts, the elusive Arthur Wimble has shared one more cut in the form of It Breaks. Pairing glitchy, upbeat, computerised beats with modulated vocals that almost moan the hook, Wimble plays with so many different sounds and styles, whilst keeping it tight and refreshing – always keeping an arm’s length from the fray on standard producers that make this kind of pixelated dance music. Out via tastemaker label TEEF Records next week, Hearts is looking set to see Wimble start to get some widespread acclaim, so I’m not sure how much longer he can try to remain elusive for. Enjoy it while you can Arthur!

Young Greatness, Moolah Remix Ft. Yo Gotti & Lil Wayne

Mhm, this is a banger. Chasing those dollar bills comes naturally to these three, and together they hustle hard. The song is a bright, sunny banger; all three of them rapping about their love of all things $$$ with huge smiles on their faces. Recognising their struggle in the come up, Yo Gotti and Lil Wayne inject fresh life into the original, with their verses about getting “back in the kitchen for that moolah,” and being a “chef and a jeweller.” It was initially suspected Young Thug was going to share his own remix after teasing it online, and whilst that would be pretty great as well, Yo Gotti and Lil Wayne will do us just fine!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, First World Problem

Unknown Mortal Orchestra share their first single since their 2015 widely acclaimed album, Multi-Love, and whether it was what fans were hoping for or not, their slightly more dance-y direction has been amped up in this new single. Titled First World Problem, it is definitely one of their most fun singles, all upbeat and groovy. It’s in the same vein as Can’t Keep Checking My Phone where it’s a total earworm that has an irresistible hook, and is exciting if it is signifying a slight deviation from their usual psych sounds. Although I never really pictured UMO being a must-have in a party playlist until last year, they’re doing a great job at making sure they stay there!

Bugs, Pretty

Brisbane band Bugs shared their latest album this week, and it’s yet another example of how strong the scene is in Brisvegas. Fronted by the prolific Connor White, who is involved in more bands/projects than I’ve had hot dinners, pop punk has never sounded so good. His deft lyricism is paired with in your face guitars and explosive choruses, and some lovely thrashy drums. With an impeccable knack for making really great songs, Bugs and by extension White lay down another impressive tune here in an album absolutely brimming with them. With a consistent output of quality music, Bugs are gathering a loyal following around their hometown, but it’s only a matter of time before that extends beyond and out into the rest of the world.

Cleopold, Not Coming Down

Cleopold burst onto the scene last year thanks to some fantastic singles and a few guest features (one particular one on a Miami Horror single), but he seemed to have disappeared towards the end of the year. Now it’s been revealed he was busy working on his soon to be released debut EP, Altitude & Oxygen – the first taste of which we have heard this week! Titled Not Coming Down, Cleopold’s new single is a reminder of everything he is about and everything he can do: exciting, upbeat electro beats, a stunning voice and deft lyricism that still fit in the pop world. Out June 10 via Chet Faker’s Detail Records, this could be the year of Cleopold, and I’m already loving the sound of it.