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PLAYLIST: Introduction To Australian Hip-Hop

Much like many of us, Australian hip-hop was a pretty foreign genre to me not that long ago. I’ve loved hip-hop since I was 12, but was pretty ignorant to a lot of the music that was made here; the world usually focuses almost exclusively on American hip-hop, and it’s easy to forget what comes from home.

I developed a love for Australian hip-hop after being introduced to the scene through childhood friend Briggs, and I was truly blown away by the talent and incredible artists we have in this country. More than a fan, it became a passion and a project. It led me to dedicating two years of my life documenting as much as the scene as I could in my photography book Rise. To help others learn about the best that the local scene has to offer, we’ve created a playlist full of some of the best Australian artists around today.

Below are some of my personal favourite tracks, the songs that spring to mind immediately but by no means a definitive guide. If this is your first introduction to Australian hip-hop, welcome. Take the time to dig deep into the scene and you’ll find a whole array of other artists producing incredible music in this country.

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All images: Michelle Grace Hunder.